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15 August, 2019

Plastic is out

Natural design is in and now is the time to invest and create/buy fashionable fixtures for your designs while also helping the environment. More and more companies are creating fixtures made of rice paper, clay, and jute. These are natural materials that come from the earth instead of harmful materials ...

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11 July, 2019

Going Coastal!

When you hear of the style of decor being Coastal you typically think it’s a home close to water. However, we it’s become common all over and we love it! You no longer have to have a waterfront home on the eastern seaboard. Colors: The coastal color scheme is a ...

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03 June, 2019

Getting through the Parade of Homes

Utah Parade of Homes: Furnishings and design make a house into the home. We understand how hard and stressful it can be to prepare a home for your clients. You want it to feel and say perfection, so the delivery and installation process should encompass the exact same feelings. Here ...

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22 May, 2019

Ergonomic Designing

Ergonomic? To design exclusively based on looks doesn’t make for a happy work day. As employees ebb and flow throughout their working environment, they need furniture and spaces that encourage productivity and comfort. Your design needs to be aesthetically pleasing but also needs to meet the comfort of those that ...

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02 May, 2019

Warehouse Update

The Parade of Homes is rapidly approaching and wanted to give you a quick reminder regarding sending items to our warehouse. When you are shipping items directly to our warehouse please make sure that the companies that you are purchasing items from are properly marking the packaging to ensure we ...

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15 April, 2019

Staying Unique

Unique Delivery: The furniture industry has found it difficult to keep up with consumer demands and expectations. David Purvis, the Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations at AHFA, says, “The furniture industry has been Amazoned to death” meaning they expect everything to be same-day or two-day delivery when buying a ...

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21 March, 2019

Gypsy Moths and Moving

Spring is near and that means more flowers and… more flying and creepy crawlers. One in particular that we want to focus on staying away from is the the gypsy moth. The federal government has joined with the moving and storage industry to urge those planning to move to help ...

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