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08 January, 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Many designers and artists believe that in this next decade, individuality will become increasingly important to individuals. They also believe that people will begin to do out of the ordinary designs to stray away from the typical trends that have developed over the last 100 years. Furniture designers believe that ...

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20 November, 2019

Tips for Storing Summer/Fall Decorations

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, it’s just about time to put away all your summer and fall decorations and start putting up Christmas decor. Finding a way to do so in an orderly and organized manner can be quite the process. However, there are a few tricks ...

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05 November, 2019

Quick Tips for Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair: Let’s face it, like so many things that age, furniture pieces can start to fall apart and stop looking as nice. Whether it’s a loose veneer that’s starting to peel off, joints of a chair or desk that are starting to fall apart, there are several things you ...

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16 October, 2019

Are you Ready for Fall?

Fall Decor Colors It’s time for Fall Decor! Here are our top 5 fall colors to display in your home this fall season. From soft pastels to rich dark tones, bringing these colors into the interior of your home, can change the look and mood of your home for the ...

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15 August, 2019

Plastic is out

Natural design is in and now is the time to invest and create/buy fashionable fixtures for your designs while also helping the environment. More and more companies are creating fixtures made of rice paper, clay, and jute. These are natural materials that come from the earth instead of harmful materials ...

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