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02 August, 2022

Do I Need White Glove Delivery Service?

When you offer high-end or difficult to install items, a simple delivery service isn’t going to get the job done. When an item is delivered via Unique Deliveries white glove service, we monitor and inspect every item, every step of the way.   Whereas ordinary delivery services leave packages at ...

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14 June, 2022

Unique Deliveries Mission Statement

The Unique Deliveries mission is our passion for excellence. We are passionate about providing a high standard of excellence for all our services. Below are a few ways we make sure to give our clients the best service possible. Experience We’ve been doing this for over 15 years. Nothing beats experience ...

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15 March, 2022

Going Boho Chic

Creamy light shades, raw timber, natural grays and beiges, indoor plants and a relaxed living style are all characteristic of the boho chic interiors style and there is quite the charm in its laid-back demeanor. Its versatile style can even be combined into a more upmarket style of home. If ...

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02 March, 2022

The Almighty Spring Clean!

Spring has Sprung and that means spring cleaning! Mother Nature is getting a fresh start so why not your home or office?! We have a few tips and tricks for you on decluttering, organizing and sprucing up any space. 1. Take it slow and go step by step, this isn’t ...

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09 February, 2022

Series of Color: Purple

Let’s talk about the wonderful world of purple and how it can turn a room into a majestic and elegant space of sophistication or a light hearted, tasteful and modern space. The most popular purple room you’ll likely remember is Rachel and Monica’s apartment from the hit TV series Friends. ...

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25 January, 2022

Series of Color: Turquoise

Turquoise is modern, fresh, interesting and very attractive when it comes to designing a hip and trendy space. Its many hues create a world of joy and happiness and can be often associated with a “little blue box” from Tiffany’s, which also brings many people joy and happiness! Turquoise adds ...

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04 January, 2022

Series of Color: Blue

Blue, no matter how light or dark is a spectacular color known for its unmistakable calming and yet dramatic effects. Know as one of Mother Nature’s favorite sky shades from the picture perfect beauty of ocean waters. Blue certain won’t leave you with this winter blues that often come around ...

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14 December, 2021

Series of Color: Orange

Here we go! Orange makes a statement that no other color can. With the vivid vibrance and saturation of this color you can energize even the most boring room. Using orange will invigorate and boost the mood of the room you are designing and make it fun and optimistic. Orange ...

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02 December, 2021

Series of Color: Red

Ready to make a statement? Red can certainly do that. Red is a tone that comes through with passion, sensuality and power. Your senses are caressed by the bold and beautiful warmth this color can give and the wide range of reds is that thing that makes it so versatile ...

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11 October, 2021

Elements of Design: Color

COLOR: Color is important not just because it creates a mood in a room, but because it has the power to make a room feel larger, lighter and cozy. Of course, it’s vital that the colors selected complements the room’s use. For example, restful shades for bedrooms and higher energy ...

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