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Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection is a must when you want to keep your furniture for an extended period of time. One of the most important steps in cleaning furniture is the application of a quality fabric protector. Unique Deliveries uses a creative blend and a UV Protectant to ensure your furniture will stay clean longer. Since the surface of the fibers do not allow dirt to stick to them, more soil is removed during everyday type cleaning procedures.

These protectants also helps prevent permanent staining. When spills or accidents happen, simply blot the area with white paper towels. DO NOT rub the area. Rubbing will smear the spill and push it further into the fabric. Fabric protector will help in preventing stains but no product can make a carpet “spill-proof”.

Items that can be fabric protected are upholstery such as rugs, carpets, chairs, sofas, beds, car interior , drapes and lampshades to name a few. This is strong protection from grease, Spills, dirty dogs, kids, etc.

Tip: Don’t play with dirty spots. Call Unique Deliveries! Trying to wipe up can grind it in deeper and make it so that it can’t be cleaned up. Again, BLOT instead of wiping.


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