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Furniture and Equipment Installations

Launching a new hotel is quite an endeavor and Unique Deliveries is an expert at organizing the furniture and equipment installation to ensure the hotel opens on schedule. From initially receiving the furnishings to being ready opening day, we handle every detail of the process, including warehouse storage for the time frame before the opening.

When it comes to the actual installation, we have an experienced staff that manages each floor and room. From lobbies to guest rooms to seating areas and restaurants, we follow each room plan precisely. Mattresses, dressers, sofas, chairs, lamps, TV’s and artwork, and it’s our signature tool, doorjamb protectors, that make our deliveries different. 

You can rely on Unique Deliveries to ensure your hotel installation happens on time and hassle free.

Receiving, Warehouse Storage & Online Inventory

  • You can ship hotel furnishings to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse that offers short and long-term storage.
  • We will receive the shipments and inspect each box to make sure the furnishings are in good shape. If we notice a damaged box, we will open it and review the contents.
  • We will photograph the contents of each box and upload them to our online inventory, which is accessible 24/7.


  • From organizing the furnishings to following the room plans and ensuring that each piece of furnishing, wall art and equipment are in the correct place – Unique Deliveries handles it all.
  • We are fully insured to hang artwork and are trained to assemble large furnishings.
  • Our damage rate is less than 1%.

Flexible Schedules

  • We understand that schedules will change, so we provide flexibility with delivery and installation.
  • With projects this big, we begin planning months in advance so that we are ready opening day.

Professional Staff

  • Our professionals will ensure the reputation of your hotel as they move the furnishings into your hotel.
  • All of our trained professionals maintain a clean-cut image.
  • We work hard to manage all the details of your installation.

Affordable & Competitive Prices

  • Our passion for excellence ensures affordable prices and accurate billing.

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