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LaMar Lisman, Lisman Studio

The thing that keeps Lisman Studio coming back to Unique Deliveries is just their exceptional level of service. Their whole experience working with them right from beginning to end is professional and top notch. From the minute their truck pulls up, to the minute they leave it’s always first class operation…Unique Deliveries definitely rises to the occasion to make our work come together beautifully.

Tigan Robinson, Brighton Homes

I really love that I can rely on Unique Deliveries to get the job done right. I think, Unique Deliveries is professional: they’re on time, they’re careful with the products they are installing - not only with the furniture pieces themselves, but they are careful about not hitting my walls when they are coming in - and a lot of the furniture that we put into these homes is expense. I really appreciate that care that they deliver for us.

Robert McArthur, Robert McArthur Studios

I’ve worked with Unique Deliveries now for 8-9 years, and they have done everything from track home developments for me, model homes, to parade of homes houses. The time schedules’ been really tight, the flexibility of having them on board, we know that the job will always get done in the time we need to have done. They are very good at helping complete the job no matter what the scope of work really is. It’s more than just moving furniture in…They’ve always come through, it’s nice to know that it’s a consistent group that I can always count on.

Scott Somerville, Embassy Suites Hotel

One of the things that I enjoyed working with Unique the most was, quite frankly, their people. As a company, they were everything that we had hoped they would be: responsible, caring, empathetic to some of the struggles that we would go through on a day to day basis in opening a large hotel like this. What separated them from some of the other companies that we had worked with in the past, was the personnel and the people that they had on the job really cared and really gave us the personal attention that was just above and beyond.

Scott Perry, Embassy Suites Hotel

Unique Deliveries over-achieved on our hotel installation. They received, inspected, delivered and installed furnishings for 7 floors of 162 guest rooms, common areas, elevator lobbies and restaurant seating areas at our Embassy Suites Hotel in 10 days over the Christmas holiday. We brought the job to them late and they finished ahead of schedule.

Lauren Oviatt, Oviatt Designs

Thank you to Jeremiah and the team at Unique Deliveries - they handle all of our white glove delivery and we love using them! We've used them for years and they are a great resource - we use them all the time!

Terry Ann Olsen

I have always been impressed by Unique Deliveries. The attention they pay to the care of the furniture and every step of the delivery process is "Unique" in my experience with delivery companies. It doesn't matter how well everything else went with my clients, if the last experience they have is an unprofessional delivery, it pretty much cancels out all the positive interaction we had. Thanks Jeremiah Wing and your team for taking your business seriously and delivering a happy client every time.

Karen Schaaf, DeConde’s

We have associated with Unique Deliveries since its organization started 7 years ago. Although our company has its own delivery department, Unique Deliveries has handled many of our clients’ needs over the years especially for out-of-state deliveries. Unique Deliveries handles every item with care. They understand the importance of customer service and satisfaction. They will continue to be an important business contact with our company.

Lois Strand, Rice & Strand Interiors

We have been using Unique Deliveries for several years. We can always rely on them to use caution and good judgment when delivering our fine furniture. Our customers are impressed with their professionalism and have often used them for their own moving needs. Unique Deliveries makes us look good.

Robert McArthur, Robert McArthur Studios

We love Unique Deliveries! They always make time for us. We have moved and stored furniture with them for years and have always been pleased. There is never a worry about sending them to deal with our clients because of their professional and upbeat attitude. I would suggest Unique Deliveries to everyone!