17 January, 2017

2017 Decor Trends

At Unique Deliveries we like to stay up to date on all the fresh ideas that are coming out. Below are a few of our favorites.

Recycling and Green ideas:

Bold colors added to recycling ideas, upcycle redesign, eco-friendly and organic designs are the latest innovative trends that will continue to bring crisp ideas to the interior design space. Items like Aged wood, salvaged metal and eco-friendly materials offer unusual ways to reuse and recycle trends.





Innovative computer technologies are influencing the design trends 2017 allowing personalized modern and merging art and design that allows for unique and intimate open spaces. Smart technologies are clever eco-friendly techniques.



Yes – cork is making its mighty comeback. It’s a stylish, inexpensive and eco-friendly material that adds warmth, texture and unlimited possibilities to open spaces. Added bonus… It helps absorb noise.







Upholstered Headboards:

Headboards will change dramatically in 2017 and upholstered headboards are set to replace the wooded bed frames that currently dominate the market. You currently see them in high-end resorts, hotels and celebrity homes but there are coming to a home near you!







Bold Colors:

Confident colors such as Dusky Blue and Sunshine Yellow are on the rise and making a statement. Say farewell to pastels and warm tones…at least for now.

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