25 June, 2019

Quick and Easy Ways to Spice up a Room

We know that designing a room is complicated. There are many variables and trends to consider so when it comes time to change it up you likely won’t want to break the bank to do it or take a large amount of time doing it. Below are a few ways you can make a statement and change the energy of the room.

Art: Art changes up the vibe of a room from the moment you walk in. Best of all it can be any kind of art, from big high profile canvases to something you’ve created yourself. There are so many different styles of art that you can always find a piece to match the look you’re going for.

Rugs: The right rug can will make an impact to your room. It can bring your design together and warm it up for people to relax and stay a little longer. 

Pattern: Patterns are fun! They add personality and mixing and matching them together is an easy way to add interest to any space. Tip: To avoid the room feeling overwhelming make sure to limit the color and style palette.

Plants: Bring any room to life with live plants!  Any underutilized corner or shelf can benefit from the life of a plant or flowers with little maintenance depending on the plant/flower you choose. They can often soften elements, add life, and balance out your design.

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