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02 December, 2021

Series of Color: Red

Ready to make a statement? Red can certainly do that. Red is a tone that comes through with passion, sensuality and power. Your senses are caressed by the bold and beautiful warmth this color can give and the wide range of reds is that thing that makes it so versatile and allows you to create an unforgettable vibe.
Where to start? The walls. Red walls aren’t as easy as one may think to pull off but they can bring in a beauty and elegance that few other colors can offer. Balance them out with white trim and you have yourself a room that is certain to be stunning.

Not quite ready to commit to red walls? Another option that is impactful is using it in upholstery. Go for the bold look with a red couch or come on subtly with an ottoman, curtains or rug.

Remember, red isn’t for the faint of heart. Red comes with big emotions that heighten the senses. From Crimson and cherry or merlot to rust, there are numerous ways to use this charming color and create the mood.


Red Couch

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