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09 February, 2022

Series of Color: Purple

Let’s talk about the wonderful world of purple and how it can turn a room into a majestic and elegant space of sophistication or a light hearted, tasteful and modern space.

The most popular purple room you’ll likely remember is Rachel and Monica’s apartment from the hit TV series Friends. The light purple wall and door certainly made a statement and the purple dinning table chair along with other purple accents brought the whole room together.

Purple is a bold color, no doubt but when it’s used the right way it brings magic to any room. Using accent lamps, throw pillows or rugs can command the attention you are looking for without upsetting a clean and simple space.

Looking for a big purple statement? A purple velvet couch with leave the room in complete awe without overpowering the ambience. Mix it with more muted colors such as slate and you’ll have a crisp and clean space.

Unique Purple room

Master bedroom in classic style with modern purple bedroom and armchair 

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