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White-Glove Delivery at Your Service

High-end homes and furnishings require special care and we specialize in ensuring that your reputation is upheld and your design is completed correctly. We understand the needs of interior designers and their discerning clientele.

The sofa, tables, chairs, rugs and artwork all needs to arrive safely at your client’s home and be placed in the design location. We protect the furnishings as we pick-up and deliver them. Our signature tool, doorjamb protectors, makes our deliveries different from the rest. We can pick up furnishings from your showroom or store or receive them at our warehouse and carefully deliver them to your client’s home.

Our service is considered white-glove because of the care we take with each piece – we treat each item like it’s our own. Our clean-cut, professional staff always looks presentable and knows the importance of protecting the fine furnishings that complete the design. And, even with our passion for excellence, our rates remain affordable. Our billing is accurate, we are on-schedule and we work to be your long-term delivery and receiving solution.

White-Glove Service

  • Our clean-cut professionals become an extension of your company and the image you put into the design. We are experts with moving high-end furnishings that require attention and care.
  • Our passion for excellence ensures that we always provide quilted, padded doorjamb protectors, dust furnishings and reliable, dependable, efficient service.
  • Our damage rate is less than 1%.

Pick-Up & Delivery

  • Whether it’s one piece of furniture or furnishings for an entire house, we can receive shipments at our secure, climate-controlled warehouse.
  • We pick-up furnishings from showrooms, stores and owner’s homes.
  • Our professionals deliver furnishings to the home with precise response times and arrange them according to your plan.
  • Protect your design’s anonymity.
  • We service local and out-of-state deliveries. Out-of-state deliveries are serviced with dedicated trucks.

Warehouse Storage & Online Inventory

  • Our warehouse storage provides short and long-term storage options.
  • All shipments are opened, reviewed and noted on the online inventory system; we apprise you of any damages or problems.
  • Each item is photographed and uploaded to your online account.
  • Log into our website’s online inventory 24/7 to easily review a complete listing of each item, including photos.

Affordable & Competitive Pricing

  • Receive high-quality service for an affordable rate that meets your design budget.
  • Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking so you can rely on accurate billing.

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