08 January, 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Many designers and artists believe that in this next decade, individuality will become increasingly important to individuals. They also believe that people will begin to do out of the ordinary designs to stray away from the typical trends that have developed over the last 100 years. Furniture designers believe that we will begin to see un-usual fabrics, colors, and textures. Here are some design trends to look out for in 2020.

Timeless Design

Let’s face it, redesigning a home or a space can be expensive. Many artists believe that people will now begin to seek out for timeless designs that are more long-term. We believe people will begin to buy fewer yet higher quality pieces. 

Sustainability Materials

Many people are beginning to buy more eco-friendly products. Companies are now investing in developing more products that are made with recycled materials. 

Bold Trim

High contrast design is becoming increasingly popular. Monochromatic designs take on a more crisp and fresher look on neutrals. Bold colors like black and white will become popular. 

Old and New

Layering old a new design has also become increasingly popular. 

Modern Perfection

Many people are looking into a more simplistic and cleaner feel. 

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